What is a UHNW Rota Nanny?

A UHNW Rota Nanny is a nanny that works for ultra-high-net-worth families on a rotating schedule with another nanny. One nanny provides 24/7 care for 1-2 weeks while the other nanny is off and then they rotate. 

What’s the difference between HNW and UHNW?

High-net-worth individuals (HNW) are worth at least $1 million, while ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNW) are worth at least $30 million.

How is a UHNW Nanny position different from a ‘normal’ nanny position?

The average nanny works for a private middle to upper-middle class family, providing childcare and educational activities. The nanny is typically the only household staff. Families may have a cleaning service that comes once a week, but they don’t usually employ a full-time housekeeper due to budget restraints. There is usually one nanny that has 2 scheduled weekly days off, at which time the parents provide care for the children. The biggest difference in UHNW nanny positions and a ‘normal’ nanny position is that UHNW Nannies provide 24/7 support. The nanny is responsible for ALL aspects of childcare. Even when parents are spending time with their children, the nanny is present or nearby to provide support as needed. 

Being a nanny to the world’s wealthiest families is a lucrative career as most nannies for billionaires, UHNW, HNW, royalty, and celebrities often make a six-figure salary as well as receive generous bonuses and extraordinary gifts from employers. It also comes with a lot more responsibility and a tight non-disclosure agreement. A UHNW Nanny is usually part of a domestic staff team that often includes additional nannies, private chef, personal assistants, housekeepers, house manager, butler, housemen, chauffeur and/or executive security. Nannies of this caliber have impeccable references, qualifications, flexibility and are ready and willing to provide children with the highest level of care. These nannies usually have 10+ years experience in the nanny industry, often speak multiple languages, hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees in education, and are incredibly resourceful and adaptable to the ever changing needs of busy VIP families.

UHNW Nannies are extremely professional, polished, and provide complete discretion to protect the privacy of the families they work for. Nannies at this level often act as a proxy parent for parents that are not available to be consistently present in their children’s lives, whether that be for personal or business-related reasons. These nannies skillfully navigate a delicate balance of professionalism and their relationship with children in their care while operating within a private household. As children grow, the nanny’s role is under continuous evolution and change. At times, nannies educate and guide parents in selecting discipline and child-rearing strategies to best suit the needs of children, other times nannies must put their personal opinions aside and implement strategies that they don’t necessarily agree with. These nannies respectfully understand their role as an extension of the parents, by doing so they contribute immense value establishing consistency and in maintaining a stable home environment for their charges. 

What types of responsibilities do these nannies have?

UHNW Rota Nannies demonstrate a wide range of responsibilities; including childcare, school pickups and dropoffs, organizing playdates, hiring tutors, escorting children to extracurricular activities, managing children’s schedules, and planning children’s birthday parties and events. For the record, managing schedules for children of the rich and famous is no easy feat. These kids have private tutors, tennis coaches, golf coaches, swim instructors, sporting events, tournaments, cotillion, play dates and birthday parties. Most of these kids are busier than most adults I know. And, some even have their own driver and/or armed bodyguard. Yes, I said armed bodyguard. Families with executive protection bring another element to the position as you can’t decide to make a last minute stop at the store to pick something up on the way back to the property. These kids are at high-risk for kidnappings. Every single “movement” is communicated to the security team in advance and the nanny is responsible for updating the shared calendar and only certain staff members are privy to the transport information.